The ‘Advanced SQL: MySQL Data Analysis & Business Intelligence Course’ is designed for students who are aware of basic SQL and want to develop real-world data analysis and business analytics skills using advanced SQL.

It is a complete project-based course where students will work with a customized eCommerce database and will work on a variety of real-world projects that data analysts and business intelligence experts work on a daily basis. The course is usually available for INR 2,799 on Udemy but students can click on the link and get the ‘Advanced SQL: MySQL Data Analysis & Business Intelligence Course’ for INR 449.

Who all can opt for this course?

  • BI professionals or analysts who wish to analyze data stored in relational database systems.
  • Excel users who want to move into a more comprehensive business intelligence or database-focused role.
  • SQL users who wish to learn sophisticated techniques and one of the most widely used and potent database programming languages.
  • Students seeking a practical, hands-on way to learn MySQL for business intelligence and data analysis.
  • Anyone interested in a career in business intelligence or data analysis.

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 449 (INR 2,79984% off
Duration08 hours
Student Enrollment38,875 students
InstructorMaven Analytics
Topics CoveredTraffic analysis & optimization, website measurement & testing, channel analysis & optimization, product & user-level analysis
Course LevelAdvanced
Total Student Reviews4,398

Learning Outcomes

  • Use MySQL Workbench to explore and analyse databases by writing complex SQL queries.
  • Discover how to manage challenging multi-step data problems with temporary tables and subqueries.
  • Complete real-world eCommerce use cases and helpful, hands-on assignments.
  • Use the robust MySQL JOIN commands to analyse data from a variety of tables.
  • Learn one-of-a-kind techniques and technologies that are not available elsewhere.
  • Access resource files, tests, assignments, and professional assistance for a lifetime.

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Getting Started (09 minutes)Course Structure & Outline
READ ME: Important Notes for New Students
DOWNLOAD: Course Resources
Introducing the Course Project – Play the Role of Business Analyst
Setting Expectations – Focus on Business Analysis, NOT MySQL Administration
2.Prerequisite Skills (05 minutes)Introduction
Prerequisite Skills – Taught in my SQL Database for Beginners course
Prerequisite Skills Quiz
3.MySQL Intro & Setup (36 minutes)Introduction
MySQL Installation Overview – MySQL Community Server & MySQL Workbench
Mac Download – MySQL Community Server
Mac Download – MySQL Workbench
PC Download – MySQL Community Server & MySQL Workbench
Connecting MySQL Workbench to the Server
MySQL Workbench Interface
Creating the Maven Fuzzy Factory Database
Getting to Know the Database
USE mavenfuzzyfactory
4.Analyzing Traffic Sources (01 hour 07 minutes)Introduction
Analyzing Top Traffic Sources
ASSIGNMENT: Finding Top Traffic Sources
SOLUTION: Finding Top Traffic Sources
ASSIGNMENT: Traffic Source Conversion Rates
SOLUTION: Traffic Source Conversion Rates
Bid Optimization & Trend Analysis
ASSIGNMENT: Traffic Source Trending
SOLUTION: Traffic Source Trending
ASSIGNMENT: Bid Optimization for Paid Traffic
SOLUTION: Bid Optimization for Paid Traffic
ASSIGNMENT: Trending w/ Granular Segments
SOLUTION: Trending w/ Granular Segments
5.Analyzing Website Performance (01 hour 53 minutes)Introduction
Analyzing Top Website Pages & Entry Pages
ASSIGNMENT: Finding Top Website Pages
SOLUTION: Finding Top Website Pages
ASSIGNMENT: Finding Top Entry Pages
SOLUTION: Finding Top Entry Pages
Analyzing Bounce Rates & Landing Page Tests
ASSIGNMENT: Calculating Bounce Rates
SOLUTION: Calculating Bounce Rates
ASSIGNMENT: Analyzing Landing Page Tests
SOLUTION: Analyzing Landing Page Tests
ASSIGNMENT: Landing Page Trend Analysis
SOLUTION: Landing Page Trend Analysis
Building Conversion Funnels & Testing Conversion Paths
ASSIGNMENT: Building Conversion Funnels
SOLUTION: Building Conversion Funnels
ASSIGNMENT: Analyzing Conversion Funnel Tests
SOLUTION: Analyzing Conversion Funnel Tests
6.MID-COURSE PROJECT (31 minutes)Introduction
ASSIGNMENT: Mid-Course Project
SOLUTION: Mid-Course Project
7.Analysis for Channel Portfolio Management (51 minutes)Introduction
Analyzing Channel Portfolios
ASSIGNMENT: Analyzing Channel Portfolios
SOLUTION: Analyzing Channel Portfolios
ASSIGNMENT: Comparing Channel Characteristics
SOLUTION: Comparing Channel Characteristics
ASSIGNMENT: Cross-Channel Bid Optimization
SOLUTION: Cross-Channel Bid Optimization
ASSIGNMENT: Analyzing Channel Portfolio Trends
SOLUTION: Analyzing Channel Portfolio Trends
Analyzing Direct, Brand-Driven Traffic
ASSIGNMENT: Analyzing Direct Traffic
SOLUTION: Analyzing Direct Traffic
8.Analyzing Business Patterns and Seasonality (23 minutes)Analyzing Business Patterns & Seasonality
ASSIGNMENT: Analyzing Seasonality
SOLUTION: Analyzing Seasonality
ASSIGNMENT: Analyzing Business Patterns
SOLUTION: Analyzing Business Patterns
9.Product Analysis (01 hour 32 minutes)Introduction
Analyzing Product Sales & Product Launches
ASSIGNMENT: Product-Level Sales Analysis
SOLUTION: Product-Level Sales Analysis
ASSIGNMENT: Analyzing Product Launches
SOLUTION: Analyzing Product Launches
Analyzing Product-Level Website Pathing
ASSIGNMENT: Product-Level Website Pathing
SOLUTION: Product-Level Website Pathing
ASSIGNMENT: Building Product-Level Conversion Funnels
SOLUTION: Building Product-Level Conversion Funnels
Cross-Selling & Product Portfolio Analysis
ASSIGNMENT: Cross-Sell Analysis
SOLUTION: Cross-Sell Analysis
ASSIGNMENT: Product Portfolio Expansion
SOLUTION: Product Portfolio Expansion
Analyzing Product Refund Rates
ASSIGNMENT: Analyzing Product Refund Rates
SOLUTION: Analyzing Product Refund Rates
10.User Analysis (27 minutes)Introduction
Analyzing Repeat Visit & Purchase Behavior
ASSIGNMENT: Identifying Repeat Visitors
SOLUTION: Identifying Repeat Visitors
ASSIGNMENT: Analyzing Time to Repeat
SOLUTION: Analyzing Time to Repeat
ASSIGNMENT: Analyzing Repeat Channel Behavior
SOLUTION: Analyzing Repeat Channel Behavior
ASSIGNMENT: Analyzing New & Repeat Conversion Rates
SOLUTION: Analyzing New & Repeat Conversion Rates
11.FINAL PROJECT (29 minutes)Introduction
ASSIGNMENT: Final Project
SOLUTION: Final Project
12.Wrapping Up (02 minutes)Resources & Next Steps

Resources Required

  • MySQL Workbench and Community Server for MAC or Windows/PC (the instructor will guide them through the free installation process).
  • Students should complete SQL for Beginners course and be familiar with SELECT statements, aggregate functions, and table joins.

Featured Review

Anthony Okolo (5/5): What can I say but a big thank you, I am privileged to have come across Maven and would continue learning under Maven until I get my dream job in data and business intelligence analytics. If you want to be the best, follow the best and your results would be the best. Thanks, Maven Analytics, you guys are simply the best.


  • Srishti Shukla (5/5): Gives a very great picture of what you all can do with SQL
  • Rui Wang (5/5): Great course! Help to build up your business mindset through projects.
  • Wendy (5/5): So I would say it’s definitely a great course to take!
  • Vivek Jaiswal (5/5): Great course and appreciate the way assignments are focused to explain the concepts!!


  • Nikita B. (3/5): The course in itself is great and the idea of project based learning is super. However the explanation part is really not up to the mark at all! There are long explainations of difficul topics like Temp Tables with multi stage analysis and one loses the track of which temp table is being connected to whic other table with what join in a 17 minutes long eplaination. They should have really added a graphic depecting which coloumn and which tables and temp tables are being connected to each other in what order.
  • AiMaMi<333 (3.5/5): My personal opinion is that this course focuses more on the real life cases (e-commerce) than on SQL syntax. The same SQL concepts were used throughout the course to solve various business inquiries. Whether it is a good thing or bad is totally up to the audiences.
  • Ahmet Engin A. (3/5): First impression; introduction part is quite repetitive, I hope this is not the case for the rest of the course.

About the Author

The course is designed and instructed by John Pauler and Maven Analytics.

  • Maven Analytics is an award-winning data analytics training institute. They have an average instructor rating of 4.6 and more than 9.5 lakh student enrollment rate.
  • They offer over 35 courses on Udemy focusing on Excel, Python, SQL, Power BI, and Tableau.
  • John Pauler is a Data Analyst. He has years of experience working with data for leading marketing firms and has served as a product owner.
  • He has an average instructor rating of 4.7 and more than 75k students have enrolled in his courses.

Comparison Table

ParametersAdvanced SQL: MySQL Data Analysis & Business IntelligenceMicrosoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & FunctionsSQL for Data Analysis: Beginner MySQL Business Intelligence
OffersINR 449 (INR 2,799) 84% offINR 449 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 449 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration8 hours9.5 hours4.5 hours
Student Enrollments38,872330,79044,443
InstructorsMaven AnalyticsMaven AnalyticsMaven Analytics
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