Best Cloud Computing Courses Online in 2024

Cloud Computing involves delivering computing services such as data analysis, networking, storage, database creation, and more over the internet to help offer everyone faster innovation and flexible resources. It is widely used for various purposes, from hosting websites to running complex data analysis and Machine Learning.

Cloud platforms provide access to cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning, which is the near future of the world. Cloud computing helps with security, innovation, development, scalability, and global reach. Also Check: Best Cloud Computing courses on Udemy

Those who are interested in learning technologies, IT professionals, business managers, and engineers can benefit from learning cloud computing. There are various types of courses online where one can start the journey at their pace.

Introduction to Cloud ComputingCoursera1.5 – 3 months5/5
Cloud Computing on AWSUdemy12 hours 46 minutes4.7/5
Ultimate AWS-certified Solutions Architect AssociateUdemy27 hours 9 minutes4.7/5
Master Course in Cloud Computing and Cloud ArchitectureUdemy1 hour 4 minutes4.4/5
Cloud Computing PrimerCoursera3 months4.7/5
Cloud Machine Learning and EngineeringCoursera1-4 week4.5/5
Cloud Architect and DevOpssimplilearn8 months4.5/5
IBM: Introduction to Cloud ComputingedX8 weeks4.3/5
Google Cloud Computing FoundationedX1.5 weeks4.7/5
Cloud DeveloperUdacity3 months4.5/5

Introduction to Cloud Computing 

This course includes defining Cloud Computing and explaining essential characteristics from scratch to give a relevant brief introduction about cloud computing for beginners such as information on LaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and development models- public, private, and hybrid and also lists. It describes services of popular platforms such as AWS, Alibaba, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc, to help with understanding the core fundamentals of cloud computing. 

Cloud Computing on AWS: Ultimate Beginners Course 2024 

This course helps to master the fundamentals of AWS computing and its theory and provides hands-on demonstrations for a better learning experience while utilising various AWS services. Learn how to solve the problem of traditional IT with cloud computing and its solution, and learn about the crucial identity and access management to control AWS.

Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA- C03 

With Udemy’s ultimate AWS-certified cloud computing course, one can study SAA-C03, perform practical live hands-on projects for better understanding and gain industry experience. By the end of the course, master all the differences of the database on AWS, With 800+ PDFs for study material, learn about the fundamentals like EC2, ELB, ASG, API, COGNITO, and gateway.

Master Course in Cloud Computing and Cloud Architect 2.0

This course includes cloud computing, cloud architecture, cloud security, cloud management, AWS cloud, cloud storage, and monitoring to help the individual take the next step in learning cloud computing and understand its types, layers, framework, design, and benefits. You’ll also be able to analyse cloud computing and cloud architecture by the end of the course.

Cloud Computing Primer for Semi-Tech and Business Learner Specialisation

This course is specially designed for beginners and students to learn on their flexible schedule and learn to compare and contrast on-premise. This is suited for business professionals to be able to know the basics of cloud computing since it helps with day-to-day data analysis. Through this course, one can be able to know about the terms and service platforms of cloud computing.

Cloud Machine Learning Engineering and MLOPs 

This course is available on course-era and is available in 8 different languages, making it accessible in all languages. One can learn about cloud computing, machine learning, and MLOPs through this course and can accelerate their career profile. Since this course is based on the intermediate level, basic knowledge of cloud computing is required.

Professional Certificate Program in Cloud Computing and DevOps 

Simplilearn provides this course in partnership with IIT Guwahati. This will help students Gain hands-on experience through real-world projects and learn about cloud computing servers such as AWS, DevOps, and cloud infrastructure. This course also helps with placement assistance and business opportunities for IT techs.

IBM: Introduction to Cloud Computing 

This course is free of cost and immerses you in the actual world of the cloud service provider. Learn about all the types of cloud computing at the beginner’s level and dive into the world of notable connections and job opportunities. You can learn about many skills associated with cloud computing such as public cloud, file explorer, cyber security, cloud architecture, etc.

Google Cloud

This course provides an overview of cloud computing and how it works. Learn about the different ways to use cloud computing and how business communication occurs. This will help with the core understanding of AWS and communication-building and provide the basic concepts to understand why cloud computing is important and its importance in the future.

Cloud Developer 

This course is by Udacity for students and is focused on cloud computing, microservices, and serverless technologies to make them aware of technical courses. Learn about the fundamentals of AWS, full-stack applications on the cloud, and principles of modern cloud architecture. This course is at the intermediate level and a basic literacy of computers is required, and the knowledge about cloud computing.

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