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Statistics for Business Analytics and Data Science A-Z is a project-based course aimed at those interested in learning Statistics required for a career as Data Scientist or Business Analyst. The course includes real-world examples and business challenges to give a practical understanding of Statistics for Data Science.

Students also get to master complicated concepts such as distributions, the Central Limit Theorem, the z-test, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, and statistical significance in this course. The courses are usually available at INR 3,499 on Udemy but you can click now to get 87% off and get the Statistics for Business Analytics and Data Science A-Z Course for INR 449.

Who all can opt for this course?

  • Anybody wants to become an expert in statistics for business analytics
  • Everyone who wants to learn statistics from scratch
  • Anyone who wants to practice using statistics

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 449 (INR 3,49987 % off
Duration06 hours
Student Enrollment57,350 students
InstructorKirill Eremenko
Topics CoveredDistributions, The Central Limit Theorem, The Z-test, Confidence Intervals, Hypothesis Testing
Course LevelIntermediate
Total Student Reviews10,256

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the meaning of a normal distribution
  • Learn about standard deviations
  • Describe how continuous and discrete variables vary
  • Understand the definition of a sampling distribution
  • Become familiar with the Central Limit Theorem
  • Practice using the Central Limit Theorem
  • Utilize Means Hypothesis Testing
  • Use proportional hypothesis testing
  • Utilize the Z-Tables and Z-Score
  • Recognize the distinction between a t-distribution and a normal distribution
  • Recognize the risks of using p-values excessively

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Welcome to the course (03 minutes)Welcome!
Learning Paths
Some Additional Resources!!
2.Distributions (01 hour 39 minutes)Plan of Attack
Continuous vs Discrete
What is a Distribution?
What is Standard Deviation?
Normal Distribution
Mean, Median, Mode
Homework Solution – Part 1
Homework Solution – Part 2
EXTRA: Cantor’s Diagonal Argument
3.Central Limit Theorem (01 hour 28 minutes)Plan of Attack
Populations and Samples
Sampling Distribution
Central Limit Theorem
Central Limit Theorem – Intuition
Central Limit Theorem – Visualization
Hands-On CLT – Analytics Challenge
Homework Solution
Central Limit Theorem
4.Hypothesis Testing / Statistical Significance (01 hour 23 minutes)Plan of Attack
Statistical Significance: What is P-Value?
Hypothesis Testing – Steps
Hypothesis Testing – Rejection Region
Hypothesis Testing Assumptions
Proportion Testing
Homework Solution
Hypothesis Testing/ Statistical Significance
5.Advanced Hypothesis Testing (01 hour 27 minutes)What it means when you cannot reject the Null Hypothesis
Student’s t-distribution
1-Tailed And 2-Tailed Tests
2-Tailed Test Exercise
Warning about misuse and overuse of p-values
Real Life Example
Advanced Hypothesis Testing
6.Special Offer (30 seconds)***YOUR SPECIAL BONUS***

Resources Required

  • Just a fundamental understanding of high school math

Featured Review

Alpha Omega (5/5): If you’re looking for an excellent introductory course into the world of statistics this is the perfect course for you. This course is perfect for beginners and those in need of a brush up. I have completely finished the course and I can tell you that I learned so much. I am so happy with the value I received. Excellent!


  • Alpha Omega (5/5): This course is perfect for beginners and those in need of a brush up.
  • Peter Brosnan (4/5): I have been very happy with the responses on the Q+A board.
  • Nitin Sharma (5/5): Also, the best part was after explaining how we are applying then in the Analytics challenge.
  • Lydie Berthet (5/5): Awesome course! Before the course, it’d been a while since I had a statistical class, and a math class at all.


  • Kshitij Joshi (1/5): The worst part is that very less number of topics were covered.
  • Irina Mulyukova (2/5): But the lectures themselves are awfully messed up; the lecturer ramble a lot, talks about things absolutely not relevant to the topic at hand, also he often makes mistakes and says not what he meant.
  • Negar Shahrokhesfahani (1/5): I only took this course because I felt like I need to refresh my memory on these topics but I am very disappointed.
  • John Carmack (1/5): I need to learn the content for work, so I’m going to finish the course, but I am deeply disappointed in the instruction quality & overall course content.

About the Author

The instructor of this course is Kirill Eremenko who is a Data Scientist. With a 4.5 instructor rating and 5,99,095 reviews on Udemy, he offers 59 courses and has taught 2,251,523 students so far.

  • Professionally, he is a data science consultant with experience in the retail, transportation, retail, and financial sectors.
  • He received training from the top analytics mentors at Deloitte Australia, and since then he started teaching on Udemy.
  • He has shared his experience with thousands of aspiring data scientists.
  • According to student reviews, he gives skilled step-by-step tutoring in the field of data science by fusing his real-world expertise and academic background in physics and mathematics.
  • His emphasis on intuitive explanations is one of his teaching strengths, so students can be confident that they will fully comprehend even the most challenging subjects.

Comparison Table

ParametersStatistics for Business Analytics and Data Science A-Z™Become a Probability & Statistics MasterStatistics for Data Science and Business Analysis
OffersINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration6 hours14.5 hours5 hours
Rating4.5 /54.7 /54.6 /5
Student Enrollments57,35072,839160,317
InstructorsKirill EremenkoKrista King365 Careers
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Statistics for Business Analytics and Data Science A-Z: FAQs

Ques. Does a data analyst need statistics?

Ans. Statistics and probability are crucial data analyst abilities. This information will direct your investigation and exploration and aid in the interpretation of the data. Understanding statistics will also help you confirm the validity of your analysis and prevent frequent logical fallacies and mistakes.

Ques. How do business analysts use statistics?

Ans. They examine data, gather relevant information, and draw conclusions using statistical approaches. The company’s decision-makers will then be shown the data and determine how to use it.

Ques. Can I do business analytics without maths?

Ans. Business analytics doesn’t require a lot of coding, math, or computer science expertise. It’s a fantastic career choice for those who delight in deriving useful conclusions from actual company data and solving challenging challenges. Being a business analyst does not require being an expert in math or programming.

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