Best Business Analytics Courses Online in 2024

The field of business analytics is expanding quickly. Organizations need a professional who can analyze & understand massive amounts of data in order to extract any business-related insights. Technology, data analysis, and business strategy are all combined in business analytics and project management.

To change and display data as a method of improving decision-making, some of the important procedures are statistical analysis, data mining, and predictive analytics. Business Analysts, or BAs, are the people in charge of this process. There are many different specialized courses for business analysts due to the growing need for these highly qualified workers. Also Check: Best Business Analytics courses on Udemy

With hundreds of platforms and options online, it can be a little challenging to choose an online business analytics course that aligns with one’s requirements. This article features a list of the best business analytics courses online, along with key course details, to help aspirants choose a relevant course.

Wharton Business Analytics CertificationCoursera6 months – at 3 hours/week4.6/5
Data Analysis for Decision-MakingedX3 months – at 6 hours/week4.5/5
Business Analytics Certification Nanodegree ProgramUdacity3 months – at 10 hours/week4.7/5
Introduction To Business AnalyticsUdemy5 hours4.5/5
IBM Data Science Professional Certificate for BusinessCoursera11 months – 4 hours/ week4.6/5
Statistics for Data Science and Business AnalysisUdemy5 hours4.6/5
Business Analysis Modeling Skills and TechniquesUdemy6.5 hours4.5/5
Predictive Analytics for BusinessUdacity2 months – 4 hours/week4.5/5
Business Analysis Foundations: CompetenciesLinkedin Learning1.5 hours4.6/5
Data Analysis and Presentation Skills (PwC)Coursera5 months – at 3 hours/week4.4/5

Wharton Business Analytics Certification – Coursera

Wharton Business Analytics Certification focuses on the fundamentals of business analysis and data analysis. The professors of the University of Pennsylvania have curated this certification. It covers various topics including the fundamentals of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics and walks us through a variety of models and data collection techniques. Students will be able to see how data may be utilized to assess the hiring, internal mobility, and career development phases of the employment cycle.

Data Analysis for Decision-Making – edX

This course teaches students how to apply critical thinking techniques while working with data. It offers three separate skill-building courses, is self-paced, and has qualified instructors. In order to the point of becoming data literate when it comes to their professional and personal life, this professional certificate trains students, working professionals, and decision-makers. In the data-driven world of today, data literacy will develop the student into a “data citizen,” enabling them to confidently communicate and make decisions based on facts. 

Business Analytics Certification Nanodegree Program – Udacity

The focus of this business analytics certification by Udacity is to help students understand data and how to drive insights from it. The course covers various topics including Data, SQL for Data Analysis, and Data Visualization. Students will gain practical knowledge via the course’s projects, which will hone their business analytical abilities.

Introduction to Business Analytics – Udemy

The foundational course on Udemy explains the fundamentals of business analytics to empower marketers to make more intelligent business decisions based on data. It’s one of the top online courses for business analytics that is appropriate for newcomers or those looking to obtain foundational knowledge before specializing. You may sharpen your business savvy, comprehend business performance, become familiar with contemporary business procedures, and plan how to use data more effectively by taking a look at Introduction to Business Analytics. 

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate for Business – Coursera

The course will help students qualify themselves with entry-level skills to be eligible for the data scientist job profile and is suitable for beginners to begin their careers in the data science field. This course will assist students in getting a grasp of the data science approach and its main phases for issue-solving. Students will learn how machine learning is so important and how it can improve the way a company runs.

Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis – Udemy

It is one of the best certifications for business analysts because it not only teaches the business side but also includes data visualization and statistics. The course covers concepts like regression analysis, hypothesis testing, and descriptive and inferential statistics. It also focuses on handling different data sources and visualizing them through correlation and covariance analysis.

Business Analysis Modeling Skills and Techniques – Udemy

One of the most rated and value-for-money business analyst online courses available on the Udemy site is this one. It goes over many business analysis methods and tasks. Beginners studying for this business analyst certification course pick up knowledge of use cases, RACI matrices, and SWOT analysis. Learning how to use visual modelling to bring business needs to life and how to make your project more successful is beneficial.

Predictive Analytics for Business – Udacity

This course is designed to assist aspiring analysts in improving their skill sets through practical applications of business intelligence. The course consists of six modules at an advanced level and typically takes around three months to complete. The first step in your journey to advanced analytics is learning a framework that helps showcase your diagnostic strategy, along with lessons in Simple and Multiple Linear Regression. Data wrangling will teach you how to work with various data formats and master the art of reformatting and merging data from multiple sources.

Business Analysis Foundations: Competencies – Linkedin Learning

This is one of the greatest courses for business analysts since it clarifies the duties and abilities needed to be a successful business analyst. You get relationship-building and management abilities as well as leadership, facilitation, communication, business, analytical, and technical abilities.

Data Analysis and Presentation Skills (PwC) – Coursera

This course mainly helps the students in developing their data analysis and presenting abilities. The only purpose of this specialized program is to assist individuals in formulating and presenting their business judgments and ideas in a manner that is understandable to the organization’s stakeholders. The provider of this data analysis specialized course is Pwc, where Alex Mannella, the instructor, is a founding member. This course teaches you how to use pivot tables and logical functions in Excel to create business solutions.

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