Ultimate AWS Certified Developer Associate 2022 course is designed for people who know the basics of AWS but also want to learn about Serverless, a new cloud paradigm that in turn makes AWS certification exponentially valuable. The courses are usually available at INR 3,499 on Udemy but you can click now to get 87% off and get Ultimate AWS Certified Developer Associate 2022 – NEW Course for INR 455.

The course focuses on using serverless programming, using AWS services for various critical projects, and implementing messages and integration patterns using AWS SQS, SNS, etc. Post completing this course one can easily clear the Amazon Web Services Certified Developer Certification DVA-C01.

Learning Outcomes

  • Pass the AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification (DVA-C01)
  • Full Practice Exam with Explanations included!
  • All 700+ slides available as downloadable PDF
  • Apply the right AWS services for your future real-world AWS projects
  • Deploy an application using Elastic Beanstalk and AWS CICD tools with full automation
  • Understand Serverless API using AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB & Cognito
  • Write infrastructure as code using AWS CloudFormation
  • Implement messaging and integration patterns using AWS SQS, SNS & Kinesis
  • Master the CLI, SDK, and IAM security best practices in EC2
  • Monitor, Trace and Audit your microservices using CloudWatch, X-Ray, and CloudTrail
  • Secure your entire AWS Cloud using KMS, Encryption SDK, IAM Policies & SSM

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
Course NameUltimate AWS Certified Developer Associate 2022 – NEW!
Duration32 Hours
Ratings4.7 / 5
Student Enrollments3.13 lakhs
InstructorStephane Maarek
Course Level (Resources Required)Intermediate Level (Basic Programming Knowledge & Windows / Linux / Mac OS X Machine)
Coding ExercisesNo
Total Students Reviews0.58 lakhs
  • Being one of the most critical certifications this course will help in analyzing how well one is versed with AWS as well as the new cloud paradigm Serverless
  • Covers all updated topics on AWS Certified Developer
  • Packed with practical knowledge on using AWS inside out as a developer
  • Quick study approach and covered with useless information and didactic preparation
  • Lectures are sometimes difficult to understand for students using windows software

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1Getting Started with AWS (14 minutes)AWS Cloud Overview – Regions & AZ
About UI changes in the course
2IAM & AWS CLI (53 minutes)IAM user & group hands-on
IAM Policies
IAM Overview
AWS Access Keys, CLI & SDK
AWS CLI Setup on Linux
AWS CLI Handson
3EC2 Fundamentals (1 hour 18 minutes)EC2 Instance Type Basics
Security Groups and Classic Ports Overview
SSH Overview
EC2 Instance Connect
EC2 Instance Role Demo
4Route 53 (1 hour 27 minutes)What is a DNS?
Route 53 Overview
Route 53 Registering a Domain
Routing Policy – Latency
Route 53 – TTL
Route 53 – Health checks hands-on
Route 53 – Health checks
5VPC Fundamentals (25 minutes)VPC Fundamentals, Subnets, IGW & NAT
NACL, SG, VPC Flow Logs
VPC Cheat Sheets & Closing Comments
6Amazon S3 Introduction (1 hour 4 minutes)S3 Buckets and Objects
S3 Versioning, Encryption, Security and Bucket Policies, Websites, CORs
S3 Consistency Model
S3 CORS Hands-on
7Cloudfront (39 minutes)Cloudfront Overview, Hands-on, Security
Cloudfront Signed URL / Cookies
Cloudfront Caching & Invalidations Hands-on
8AWS Cloudformation (1 hour 4 minutes)Cloud formation Overview, Create Stack Hands-on
YAML Crash Course
Cloudformation Parameters, Mapping, Outputs, Conditions, Rollbacks, Intrinsic Functions
9AWS Serverless – Lambda (2 hours 48 minutes)Serverless Introduction, AWS Lambda Overview
Lambda Synchronous Invocations, Load Balancer, Invocations & DLQ
Lambda S3 Event Notifications, Source Mapping
Lambda Destinations, Destinations Handson
10Cloud Development Kit (CDK) (16 minutes)CDK Overview
CDK Handson

Resources Required

  • Prior basic Programming knowledge
  • Windows / Linux / Mac OS X Machine

Comparison Table

ParametersUltimate AWS Certified Developer Associate 2022 – NEWUltimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2022[NEW] Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2022
OffersINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration32 hours26.5 hours14.5 hours
Ratings4.7 / 54.7 / 54.7 / 5
Students Enrollments3.13 Lakh5.30 Lakh4.05 Lakh
InstructorsStephane MaarekStephane MaarekStephane Maarek
Topics CoveredIAM & AWS CLI, AWS Serverless – Lambda, Cloud Development KitCode & Slides Download, EC2 Fundamentals, EC2 Instance StorageS3, Database & Analytics, EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud
Coding ExercisesNoNoNo
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Students Reviews

  • (5.0/5) “This course is great for learning the information needed to pass the exam. In my experience, I needed some help and information from outside sources as well. If you’re looking to pass the exam, get the practice tests mentioned in this course, they are similar to the exam and were critical for getting my certification.’’
  • Gowtham P. (5.0/5) “I went through this course twice. After the first completion, I felt overwhelmed, and couldn’t even remember the service’s name. So I started it again and felt a huge improvement in my understanding. After that, I tested my knowledge with Stephane’s practice exams. And the slides were really helpful to revise before the exam. I cleared the exam with 840 points. This is really amazing. Just go and enroll.’’
  • Janet P. (5.0/5) “The course is very helpful. I have no prior experience with AWS. Starting with this course, the instructor helped me to understand the concepts clearly with his hands-on exercise. I highly recommend this course for the Certified Developer exam as well as for people looking for AWS knowledge. I passed the AWS Certified Developer exam yesterday. Now I am an AWS Certified Developer. Thanks to Stephanie and Udemy for making it available to us”
  • Sri B. (5.0/5) “Amazing course content from Stephane once again. Thanks a lot, Stephane for updating the course content and amazing labs. I have cleared the certification with 832/1000. Best recommended course for any AWS certification.’’
  • Sridhar V. (5.0/5) “This is a very good course to crack AWS Dev associate certification. I have also taken a cloud guru and consider this to be better than the latter in explaining concepts. However, with a cloud guru, you would get a sandbox & lab to practice. The instructor (Stephane) goes beyond the domain of certification to make us understand the concepts. FYI, I passed AWS Dev associate certification exam on the first attempt & I recommend taking the practice exams by Stephane.”
  • Nikita D. (4.0/5) “Excellent course, I love the way each concept was explained in detail and has been kept very relevant to the exam outline. One scope of improvement can be to arrange similar topics together, for example, Athena was introduced much earlier in the S3 section, but was explained in detail in later parts of the same section. All in all greatly explained and very informative course!’’
  • Saravanan K. (4.0/5) “The course is very nice. The contents are very explanatory. Thank you Stephane once again for providing an excellent course on AWS Developer Associate.’’
  • Vidya C. (4.0/5) “This course covers all the material required for the developer certification. The hands-on is a great help! Highly recommend the course to anyone taking the certification. Also, the instructor highlighted in most places which concepts are super important for exams, this was very helpful for me as I had very limited time to prep for exams due to deadlines at work for certification. There were only one or 2 places in the entire course where I felt like I didn’t understand the concept well and had to google the AWS documentation for details.’’
  • Konstantin S. (3.0/5) “Overloaded with useless information. Disconnected Explanations. The instructor just rushes through everything without thoughtful didactic preparation. Just repetitive clicking in the Console instead of practicing CLI/SDK. This course is focused too heavily on hitting the exam. You do not learn how to develop on AWS in it.”
  • John C H (3.0/5) “This is a good comprehensive course but some of these sections are information overload. I appreciate the idea of grouping similar services together in a single lecture but in some cases, it’s too much especially if you’ve had minimal exposure to these services in the past. If this much content is going to be thrown in a section, a final overview of distilled exam prep bullet points would be appreciated before the section quiz.”

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Ultimate AWS Certified Developer Associate 2022 – NEW: FAQs

Ques. Which AWS certification is in demand in 2022?

Ans. Nonetheless, the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer confirmation and the AWS Certified Security accreditations appear to be the most pursued right now. One spotlight on the DevOps job, while the other is a specialty test that shows you the accepted procedures in cloud security

Ques. What is the passing score for AWS Developer Associate 2022?

Ans. The passing score for AWS Developer Associate 2022 is 720.

Ques. How hard is AWS Certified Developer Associate?

Ans. AWS Associate-level tests are intense in light of the fact that they cover a LOT of ground. Test takers who bomb once (or two times) report inquiries concerning totally various administrations the second (or third) time around. This uncovers exactly how wide the testing goals can be, so don’t depend on one wellspring of review material.

Ques. Is AWS Associate exam hard?

Ans. Let’s not mince words: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate is certifiably not a simple test. It’s anything but a test where you can just purchase a heap of training tests, go through them again and again, and hope to pass. The test is very situation-centered.

Ques. Is AWS certification worth IT 2022?

Ans. Accordingly nothing unexpected distributed computing specialists, for example, those with Amazon Web Services (AWS) confirmations are progressively appealing. In this way, assuming one of the general inquiries to you is, “are AWS accreditations worth the effort in 2022?” the response is a resonating yes!

Ques. Which is the easiest AWS certification?

Ans. the easiest AWS certification is AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CCP)

Ques. What is AWS certification salary?

Ans. The average AWS Certification salary is as follows,

Certification2022 Average Salary
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional$154,548
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate$159,033
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate$158,777
AWS Certified Developer – Associate$159,767

Ques. Which AWS certification has more demand? 

Ans. The Solutions Architect is the most demanded AWS certification.

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