The ‘Algorithmic Trading: Backtest, Optimize & Automate in Python’ course will teach you how to use Python to Automate your Cryptocurrency Trading. The course teaches all the fundamentals of algorithmic trading.

The course will teach you how to optimize your Strategy to find the best Parameters to get the best reward/risk ratio. The course is usually available for INR 2,499 on Udemy but you can click on the link and get the ‘Algorithmic Trading: Backtest, Optimize & Automate in Python’ for INR 499.

Who all can opt for this course?

  • Traders those who want to automate their trading of cryptocurrencies

Course Highlights

Key HighlightsDetails
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PriceINR 499 (INR 2,499) 78% off
Duration09 Hours
Student Enrollment17,945 students
InstructorMohsen Hassan
Topics CoveredPython, Algorithmic Trading, Freqtrade
Course LevelIntermediate
Total Student Reviews2,491

Learning Outcomes

  • Automate your cryptocurrency trading with Python
  • Test your strategy with historical data after loading it
  • Improve your Approach to Identify the Optimal Parameters
  • Run the strategy live or in simulation
  • Link to Many Exchanges for Cryptocurrencies
  • Working in a virtual environment
  • Freqtrade is Open Source Software
  • Make phone calls to the strategy to exchange information

Course Content

S.No.Module (Duration)Topics
1.Welcome: Your Instructors, Course Content and the End Product (08 minutes)About your Instructors
What Will You Learn In This Course?
The Final Product: This Is What We’ll Build Together
Important Changes to be aware of
2.About Algorithmic Trading (16 minutes)The Benefits Of Automated Trading
The Pits And Downfalls of Automated Trading
Prevalence of Automated Trading
Why Use Open Source?
3.Installations (50 minutes)Setting Up Your Environment: Options
Virtual Machine: Installing Virtual Box
Virtual Machine: Installing Ubuntu
Python Packages and Virtual Environment
Deploy Our Virtual Machine
4.Virtual Machine: Linux Environment (24 minutes)Warning: Beware of Scammers
The Terminal
Installing Apps and Editing Text
5.Python Primer (01 hour 49 minutes)What this primer is for
Installing Python
Using Python As A Calculator (Operators)
Strings and Integers
Lists and Dictionaries
If Else For Statements
6.Installing Freqtrade (26 minutes)Quick Intro To Git
Installing Freqtrade
7.Configure And Run (42 minutes)Configure Telegram
Configure Binance
Configure Bot
Run Strategy in Sandbox
Important Changes to be aware of
8.Strategy Implementation (03 hours 25 minutes)Strategy Explanation
Automated Strategies: Discussion
Coding The Strategy
Backtesting Strategy & Plotting Results
Parameter to Optimize
Doing the Optimization (part 1)
Doing the Optimization (part 2)
Optimizing With Larger Iteration
Testing / Backtesting Optimized Strategy
Running Strategy in Sandbox
Running The Strategy Live
Trading Results
9.In Sample And Out Of Sample Testing (21 minutes)Walkforward Analysis
Performing a Walkforward Analysis
10.Assignment (11 minutes)freqtrade/strategies repo
11.Updates (01 hour 19 minutes)Sharpe Ratio Update
Going over Current Version of Freqtrade
Edge Positioning
Impact of Cheap Coins on Backtest results
12.Thank you (01 minutes)Thank you
13.Bonus Lecture (01 minutes)Bonus Lecture

Resources Required

  • Basic familiarity with basic programming (Any language)
  • Basic Information about Trading Cryptocurrencies

Featured Review

Timo van den Brink (5/5) : This is not an easy course. I had no experience with python or coding at all, only a big interest in trading and cryptocurrencies. This course is awesome and shows you all the steps you need to be able to run a freqtrade bot.


  • Daniel Foy (4/5) : But this is perfect if you want to get started and understand what is going on
  • Ivaylo Belev (5/5) : A really great course!! I have a programming and a trading background so I wanted to get my hands on automated trading.
  • Roberto Normandia Moreira (5/5) : Is an excellent course and the instructors explain everything and any detail that may raise questions.
  • Mostafa Mollaahmadi (5/5) : perfect explained every topic perfect communication skills perfect teaching methods one of the best courses i’ve ever taken on udemy


  • Ahmed Salem (1/5) : Worst Course I have done ever buy on Udemy, Instructors Skipping everything, and ITS OUTDATED ( Don’t Buy ) Last update was on 2019 NOT RECOMMANDED
  • Tarun Bhardwaj (2/5) : the training is very confusing and some of the content is irrelevant
  • Isabelle Span (2/5) : Unfortunately the course is very outdated and therefore hard to follow.
  • Emmanuel Etentuk (2/5) : I have spent at least 2 hours trying to fix bugs on the course because its not up to date and it’s really annoying.

About the Author

The instructor of this course is Mohsen Hassan who is a Finance & Programming Education. With 4.6 Instructor Rating and 109,439 Reviews on Udemy, Instructor offers 11 Courses and has taught 335,103 Students so far.

  • Mohsen is deeply interested in both finance and computer science
  • He has a thorough awareness of the numerous sides of the financial business, including long-term investing, short-term trading, and automation, as a result of his studies and professional experience
  • Because of his love for the financial industry, teaching others about the markets, and programming, Mohsen founded Bloom Trading

Comparison Table

ParametersAlgorithmic Trading: Backtest, Optimize & Automate in PythonAlgorithmic Trading A-Z with Python, Machine Learning & AWSThe Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading Course – With Strategies
OffersINR 499 (INR 2,499) 78% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% offINR 455 (INR 3,499) 87% off
Duration10 hours41.5 hours6 hours
Student Enrollments17,94422,93926,245
InstructorsMohsen HassanAlexander HagmannMohsen Hassan
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